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Other Services

Additional services to optimise your financial position

Khourys & Associates is focused on providing companies, partnerships and sole traders within the building and construction industry and the earthmoving and demolition industries with solutions that aim to improve your business performance, as well as dealing with specific issues that you have right now.

Our team can provide a range of additional services that include:

  • Management accounting including budgeting, asset management, cost control and performance evaluations.
  • Internal company auditing for analysis on the reliability and accuracy of financial statements.
  • Bookkeeping for low-cost management of financials for smaller organisations.
  • Forensic accounting for the detection or malicious fraud or to mitigate risk.
  • Business management and consulting to bring out the best in your business.
  • Superannuation support services with specialist advisors to assist you.
  • Financial planning services with a registered independent financial planner.

We can also assist you with specialised accountancy services, the finance or refinancing of plant and/or equipment, drawing up partnership agreements, and workers compensation requirements.

At Khourys & Associates, your success is our mission.

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