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Business Restructuring

Business restructuring

Khourys & Associates are very experienced in implementing company restructures. We provide advice and practical implementation, all with the aim of turning the complex into the uncomplicated, so that businesses of all types and sizes can get into better shape.

There are many great reasons to restructure. The process involves reorganising the operational, legal, ownership, and other relevant parameters of a company, so that it’s more profitable, better organised, and better able to compete and thrive – particularly within the building, earthworks and excavations industries.

Our business restructuring advisers have helped a growing number of businesses reorganise or reduce their company’s operations to be leaner and more agile, to keep pace with today’s rapidly transforming business environment.

In addition to the aim of becoming more profitable, we have found that other drivers for restructuring a business include a change of ownership or ownership structure, demerging, closing a division (or starting up a new one), or as a response to a crisis – such as a takeover or potential insolvency or bankruptcy. The team at Khourys & Associates include experts who are highly skilled in corporate restructuring, debt restructuring and financial management. Our legal and financial specialists can assist throughout the negotiation phase, and help with transactional details, providing relevant financials, as well as arranging for debt-financing, the release of assets, and more.

At Khourys & Associates, your success is our mission.

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