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A range of services for every financial need

Khourys & Associates is a full service accounting, taxation and wealth management firm specialising in assisting businesses in the construction industry along with the property development sector and supplier companies.

We have over a dozen qualified and accredited chartered accountants, tax agents, auditors, wealth management experts, superannuation specialists, and bookkeepers, assisted by our experienced Client Services Team. So you can be assured that we have the depth of experience, the expertise and the drive to assist you, no matter what your financial need.

Our most in-demand service offerings are:

The firm is able to provide you with strategies and solutions so that your business can fulfil more of its potential, as well as dealing with your financial challenges as they arise. What’s more, our clients benefit from the advice we provide on development paths, growth and succession planning of their business, as well as proven wealth creation tactics.Try Khourys & Associates for yourself. Contact us for a confidential chat about your requirements today.