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Preparing financial statements accounting

When Khourys & Associates prepare financial statements for our clients, we provide a mix of accounting advice and review, so information is gathered and prepared in a timely and comprehensive way. Our expert accountancy team is ready and able to take on any challenge, so when informed decisions need to be made based on what the data indicates, you can rely on Khourys & Associates.

We help clients in the following ways:

  • Selecting suitable accounting software and payroll software.
  • Installing accounting and payroll software on your computers, and customising of same to your needs, set-up appropriate chart of accounts and payroll tables.
  • Setting up appropriate accounting and record keeping procedures.
  • Training your staff in using the software and providing telephone and dial-in support.
  • Monitoring your staff that they are using the software correctly and that the source data is being entered accurately.
  • Preparing monthly financial, managerial reports.
  • Preparing annual financial statements.
  • Certifying annual workers’ compensation policy declarations.

At Khourys & Associates, your success is our mission.

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