Financial Planning

Financial Planning Services

Khourys & Associates offers Financial Planning Services through our strong working alliance with an independent registered financial planner.

The 4 easy steps to this process are as follows:

  1. Identifying the clients needs through our internal system and conducting the initial financial planning interview from which we can collect the necessary information.
  2. We then provide this information to the specialist financial planner who arranges for an interview to progress the financial plans further with the client.
  3. Once completed we will review the proposal to ensure that the financial plan is complementary and synchronises with our clients' taxation strategies in order to optimise returns on investments whilst the taxation structures remain in place. 
  4. The final interview will be conducted by us to ensure that the client's objectives and expectation have been met through out the process and that the client's prosperity is assured.
An easy process ensuring the maximum wealth building results!

We also provide advice in the  following areas:
  • Trusts and Asset protection.
  • Guidance in relation to Superannuation and Retirement Planning.