Our Services

Our Services

Taxation Services

Khourys & Associates completes Tax Returns for Individuals, Trusts, Partnerships, Sole Traders and Businesses.

We also assist with the review of tax returns assessments and communications with the Australian Tax Office. 

Our aim is to provide a complete and professional service to our clients at all times and through our immense experience in the taxation field we can help clients navigate potential pitfalls and find better solutions for their long term wealth management goals.

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Accounting Services

Advice and assistance to our clients when an informed decision needs to be made.

We prepare financial statements for all types of entities including companies (both public and private), partnerships, trusts and superannuation funds. Accounting however involves more than simply preparing financial statements each year, and as such, we focus on providing effective value added services to ensure your business achieves its goals.

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Company Auditing Services

You will receive the benefit of our years of experience and commitment to providing superior Client Service.

We have extensive experience in conducting audits in many different areas and across a wide range of industries and types of business. We work through the process with you and take the time to explain the laws and regulations in simple, clear terms without the legal and accounting jargon.

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Business Management & Consulting Services

The business world is constantly changing as is the regulatory and legislative framework around it..

At Khourys & Associates we recognise this and our depth of up to date knowledge and experience means that we are able to offer businesses a comprehensive service like no other. 

Our firm thrives on assisting clients in achieving their full potential in business and  we genuinely care about our clients success.

The Khourys & Associates Business Management & Consulting Service aims to take the stress of running a business and make it fun for our clients!

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Financial Planning Services

Strong working alliance with an independent registered financial planner.

We start the financial planning process by gaining an understanding of your current financial position and of your short and long term goals in relation to lifestyle, family needs, working life and retirement.  Once we understand your particular goals, we develop a personalised strategy and plan that is appropriate for you.  That strategy will take into account the amount of risk that you are comfortable with embracing.  Some clients are comfortable with high-risk, large return strategies; other clients prefer more certainty that they will not lose any of their capital.

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Superannuation Support Services

Setup a superannuation plan in consultation with our financial planners to enable you to have a comfortable retirement.

Our Superannuation Specialist Advisers have an excellent understanding of the various super options available and can help you to calculate the amount of money you may need in retirement.
Superannuation strategies need to be tailored to the individual and need to ensure you are paying minimal tax, creating maximum wealth and ensuring you take full advantage of the possibilities for your family upon your death. 

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