Equipment Finance

Equipment Finance Services

At Khourys & Associates we can assist you with a broad range of finance options that can be tailored to your specific needs and objectives. 

Arrangements can be made for purchases suitable to your business operations and financial position.
There are many advantages to setting up equipment finance, These include:
  • Conserving your working capital - ie, you don't have your business working capital tied up in assets. Instead you can finance those business assets to increase your business operations and strengthen your profits.
  • Budget certainty - You can know what your rental expense is  periodically & therefore can manage your money with certainty.
  • Tax advantages - we will help structure the finance in the most tax advantageous way in order to maximise the tax benefit.
  • INVESTMENT ALLOWANCE: Take advantage of the recent generous Investment allowance announced by the Australian Government this year, buy your new asset and save hugely on tax.
We can provide you with independent advice best suited to your business operation and your business needs.

For more information and Finance Advice use our Contact Us link and we will have one of our Team Members contact you.